Вакансия: менеджер природоохранного проекта по Полесью

ад 11 студзеня 2019 года

Хочешь работать в дружной команде самой крупной природоохранной организации Беларуси? Возможно, эта вакансия для тебя. Подавайся до 31 января.

Вакансия АПБ проектный менеджер

Terms of reference

1.  Job Title:

Project Manager for Belarus part of the ELP Polesia Project (full-time)

2.  Background

The project is funded by the Endangered Landscapes Programme and is managed by the Frankfurt Zoological Society, APB and Ukrainian partner USPB. The project will designate new and upgrade existing conservation areas to create a protected and interconnected core area of 1.4 Mio ha, within the transboundary “Prypiat Polesia” area of roughly 5.8 Mio ha. The project also aims to directly avert threats, such as wetland drainage, habitat change and fragmentation caused by infrastructure development, forestry and intensive, unsustainable resource extraction. In addition, improved management and better trans-boundary protection of large tracts of existing natural habitat will enhance natural processes that link the different wetland and terrestrial habitats in this unique mega-landscape. Through ensuring this ecological connectivity for key species (e.g. Wolf, Moose, European Bison, Spotted Eagle), the project will contribute to local economies through activities such as the promotion and development of culturally important products and ecotourism. An extensive research component to understand landscape development in the radiated and abandoned Chernobyl exclusion zone will complement the project’s conservation activities.

3.  Location of position:

 Minsk, Belarus, with business trips to the project region and abroad.

4.  Post holder reports to:

 FZS Project Manager and APB CEO

5.  Reporting to holder of position:

 5 staff

6.  Overall purpose of the job:

To lead the overall implementation and supervision of all project activities in the Belarus part of the project region.

7.  Main duties/outputs 

  • Carrying out project management;
  • Planning, organising and supporting the implementation of all project activities;
  • Leading and coordinating work of staff involved in the project and subcontractors, monitoring compliance with the agreed work plan;
  • Preparing annual budgets jointly with ABP and FZS financial officer
  • Controlling expenses within approved budget lines, fulfillment of obligations and balance of funds;
  • Organizing tenders;
  • Preparing TOR and to supervise the contract for the implementation of external research works;
  • Preparing TOR and to supervise contracts for the development of construction documentation, construction, including obtaining the necessary permits and approvals of government agencies for the restoration of the hydrological regime of the territories;
  • Preparing annual performance agreements and project plans with all staff members;
  • Lead on all national and regional advocacy activities, in close cooperation with national FZS and APB staff;
  • Coordinating activities and liaising with governmental stakeholders (regional and national);
  • Coordinating all transboundary activities with partners in Ukraine (research and political, but also regarding the improved protection of the Almany mire)
  • Liasing regularly with all project partners and making relevant arrangements (e.g. personal/skype meeting etc.);
  • Ensuring that all project activities are implemented on time and according to the project plan;
  • Reporting on project activities to line managers on a weekly basis;
  • Providing regular updates to other project partners;
  • Writing technical and financial reports and sharing them with relevant staff and the donor.

8.  Qualifications

The person suitable for this position should have the following qualifications:

  • University diploma in environment, management or equivalent;
  • At least 2 years of successful project management experience especially funded with grants or international technical assistance. Environmental projects are desirable;
  • Proven experience and technical ability to manage a large project;
  • Effective interpersonal, management and negotiation skills proven through successful interaction with stakeholders, including senior government officials, regional/local authorities, experts and NGOs/communities;
  • Demonstrated ability in team management and collaboration;
  • Fluency in English, Russian and Belarusian;
  • Computer literacy.

9.  Salary

Starting from 2000,00 Belarusian rubles based on results of interview.

10.           Contract Period

Twelve months/ year contract renewable. The project is 5-year long.


Please send a cover letter and CV by 31 January to the following email address:


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