Вакансія: супрацоўнік па стварэнні і прасоўванні Міжнароднага цэнтру экалагічных даследаванняў — прыём рэзюмэ працягнуты

ад 17 кастрычніка 2019 года

Водна-балотны цэнтр АПБ шукае супрацоўніка па стварэнні і прасоўванні будучага Міжнароднага цэнтру экалагічных даследаванняў у Палескім дзяржаўным радыяцыйна-экалагічным запаведніку.

Вакансия АПБ проектный менеджер

Рэзюмэ і матывацыйныя лісты прымаюцца да 31 кастрычніка на электронны адрас: vintchevski@ptushki.org.

Спампаваць апісанне вакансіі

Title: Scientific Tourism Development Officer for Chernobyl Zone

Location: APB Wetland Centre, Minsk

Purpose of Position: to work under the APB Commercial Activities Manager (CAM)

  1. To assist the CAM in the establishment and operations of the Chernobyl’ environmental research centre (CERC).
  2. To assist the CAM in developing other income generation commercial venture inter alia Chernobyl’ zone specialist visitor packages and eco-cultural tourism packages.

Justification: APB Wetland Centre is eligible to develop and operate commercial income generating activities on behalf of APB. The well established eco-tourism (nature) operations need additional support and possible expansion into eco-cultural tours aimed at specialist markets. The opportunities from the access to the Palieski State Radioecological Zapovednik (Zapovednik) suggest that specialist science tours can be managed, as well as the creation of a, unique for central Europe, environmental research centre with multi-year international research programmes used by international research organisations and universities.

APB seeks to facilitate such international researcher use and biological conservation management of the Zapovednik with the aim to maximise the scientific potential of the Zapovednik and devise conservation management planning for rewilding and restoration applications at the same time as generating foreign income for the Belarus stakeholders.


  • Biological, environmental University degree or similar;
  • Fluency in English, Russian and Belarusian;
  • Hands-on experience in the usage of computers and office software packages (MS Word, Excel, etc.);
  • A minimum of one (1) year of general professional experience is required;
  • Specific experience in project support services and/or contractual management and/or event management and/or organization of meetings and/or similar organizational experience;
  • Specific experience in project management support and/or administrative support functions is an asset;
  • Prior working experience with international organizations and/or non- governmental organizations is an asset;
  • Internship at international organizations or NGOs is an asset.


  • To elaborate the relationship between APB-BirdLife Belarus and the Belarus governmental and regional authorities dealing with the Palieski State Radioecological Zapovednik in order to create a ‘Chernobyl’ environmental research centre’ in the Zapovednik.
  • To identify, contact and negotiate with a range of selected world research centres and organisations (universities and others) to create a user-base for the utilisation of the Chernobyl research centre.
  • To draw-up the administrative and management operations for APB to act as the in-country [in Belarus] office for the functioning of the international (foreign) users of the Palieski SRZ.
  • To define the fee structures and payments for the use of the Chernobyl’ research centre.
  • To manage the financial aspects of the operation in close cooperation with the governmental and regional authorities.
  • To organise a specialist workshop for a selected number of international and national participants, to be held in Belarus, with the aim of developing an outline research programme to be implemented through the agencies of APB (international contacts) and the CERC (in-country operations).
  • To establish direct links to a selected range of world-class research organisations including universities and corporations to determine their interest in conducting environmental research in the Zapovednik and consequently to make all the arrangements for their visits and stays in the Zapovednik.
  • To arrange a small number of eco-scientific visits to the Zapovednik including private high-level parties.
  • To assist the CAM in arrangements for eco-tours to Belarus for foreign tourist groups specifically birdwatchers.
  • To assist the CAM in other commercial eco-cultural tour packages – designing, creating promotional materials, marketing these and in-country management of visiting groups.


Contracting:  several stand-alone RSPB-to-named individual Contracts may be offered.

Salary: starting with 800 BYN, depends on experience

Period: November 2019 till December 2020 with possible extension.


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