Raptor Research Foundation 2009 Annual Conference

ад 7 красавіка 2008 года

Raptor Research Foundation (RRF) Annual Conference will be held in 29 September — 4 October 2009 at Pitlochry. Abstracts for oral or poster presentations are invited on any aspect of raptor biology, ecology and conservation, from any global region. For full details on how to submit an abstract, please visit the conference website and click on `Programme` then on `Call for Papers`.Conference website: http://www.rrfconferencescotland2009.orgRaptor Research Foundation 2009 Annual Conference

The scientific programme includes general paper sessions & six special symposia:
1. Scotland
2. Persecution
3. Migration & wintering
4. Haliaeetus
5. Reintroductions
6. Conservation management

Deadline for abstract submission: JULY 01 2008.

Members of the conference scientific committee include:

Dr Phil Whitfield (Chair), Dr Bea Arroyo, Dr Malcolm Ogilvie, Prof Ian Newton, Dr Miguel Ferrer, Dr Fabrizio Sergio, Dr Javier Bustamante, Dr Keith Bildstein, Dr Mike McGrady, Dr Bill Bowerman, Mr Duncan Orr-Ewing.

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