APB-BirdLife Belarus: who we are and what we do

ад 22 лістапада 2019 года

The main goal of the non-governmental organization “APB-BirdLife Belarus” (APB) is preserving diversity of habitats and species by involving people in active conservation.

APB’s Vision: People understand, appreciate wildlife and live in harmony with it.

APB’s Mission: Save birds and biodiversity by bringing people together

The APB started dates back to 1985. Today it has become the biggest Belarusian non-governmental environmental organization. The APB has more than 2500 members, volunteers and followers, more than 100 school clubs and 14 local branches all over the country. Since 2005 the APB has become the national partner of the a global partnership of conservation organisations  BirdLife International, which unites organizations from 121 countries or territories.

The APB Activities Summary:

  • More than 50 environmental projects;
  • More than 16 000 ha of the drained peatlands have been rewetted;
  • 53 areas were described and got the Important Bird Areas (IBAs) status;
  • 76% of all the IBAs are Belarusian are protected by the state now and the lobbying continues;
  • Hundreds of passports and environmental protection engagements for the Red List species as well as rare and typical habitats have been drafted and handed over to the government for implementation;;
  • APB studies, monitors, and takes all possible measures in order to preserve Greater Spotted Eagle, Aquatic Warbler, Great Snipe, Brown-Trout, Atlantic Salmon and other threatened species populations;
  • APB has established effective long-term cooperation with the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources, the Ministry of Forestry, the National Bank of Belarus, national Post Office, Scientific and Practical Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus for Bioresources and other state bodies;
  • The first private nature reserve in Turau meadow has been created and managed;
  • Each year the APB involves more than 30 000 participants in its campaigns and actions
  • …and that is not all!

To help us preserve the Belarusian wildlife you can become an APB member, take part in the APB volunteer activities or make a donation.

You can follow us on:

E-mail: info@ptushki.org

Phone numbers: (+375 17) 348-76-13, (+375 29) 223-06-13, (+375 29) 101-68-87

The APB address: 220050 Minsk #306

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